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Booties!... All "Season's Pass"...Or.... Not?

Fall is Coming, and Booties/Boot Season is upon Us! Exciting Right? The real question is, however, did you ever retire your Booties Collection? Are they (booties) truly a seasonal addition to your wardrobe? Are you saying "Au Revoir" to your sandals as you bring out the Boots? Some fashion experts say, Cowboy Boots get the ultimate season pass. Would you agree?

Honestly, boots in general, just seem to go with ANYTHING. Thigh High's and a Mini, Hikers and a cute Maxi, Booties and Cutt-Offs, the List could go on as far as your little Fashion Soul will take you. This, maybe a matter of preference over Fashion. One thing we ALL know for sure, sandals are a thing of the past, for now, as we say "Bonjour, Lady Fall".